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I just compiled, flashed and used my first build. Everything works as expected on my Archer C7. This device is used as an access point only. Therefore I want to remove the firewall from the image, since I am not using it (like dnsmasq, which I deselected in the config). However, disabling the firewall package is not possible if luci is selected, since luci selects app-firewall and this package selects firewall itself.

Is this therefore possible to build an image without firewall but with luci? If not, is it possible to disable the firewall service itself (e.g. the init.d file) during image building?

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Do not select the luci package, but only explicitly select the luci packages you need.

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Many thanks. Never thought of that!

Good morning.

I've done exactly as you want to do. In the Menuconfig, you need to unselect LuCI before you can unselect Firewall. Also, you can unselect dnsmasq and odhcpd.

I can send you my config file if you'd like. It's for Archer C7 V2 but could be modified to whichever version of C7 you're running.


I unselected luci, firewall, dnsmasq, odhcpd, everything related to iptables and even the ipt kernel modules, build and flashed, works great.

The firewall and dnsmasq do not show up in "Startup", which is good. However, LuCI still shows me Status -> Firewall. Clicking that link results in an endless loading screen.

Is this also the case with your config? Or is there a way to remove that link too?

That's what I did too. That's how I got my build.

I have that as well...I just ignore it. :slight_smile:

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