Build for WRT3200ACM (Discontinued)

Yeah man you do you, wifi has been lackluster on this series and I don't begrudge ye for not wanting to spend time making router firmware releases as it's a rather boring/time consuming subject eh? I've enjoyed the builds so far, thanks again and I'll be checking randomly for releases every once in awhile.

Understand your pain with the WRT's. Especially the wrt3200acm. Not sure what Linksys/Marvell were thinking when they published the crap wifi driver. Been thinking about selling the wrt1900ac v1, especially since LEDE folks are having reboot issues with them and the latest builds. Still have a wrt1900acs v1 on shelf for now as a backup and a wrt3200acm I picked up dirt cheap on Ebay. Guy was frustrated with 3rd party builds and wanted to dump it. So cheap I would not have pulled the trigger if his profile was not so clean and sold other stuff, so figured legit and was.

So far brainslayer dd-wrt has run better for me in my environment then LEDE. Both your builds and davidc502.s.

Retired now but remember the fun crunch days. Difference was working as an IBM SE on proposals with a dead line that the marketing folks did not share and in my position of Advisory SE with many different marketing reps to support there were always surprises. Lots of late nights getting things just right for morning meeting.

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hi cybrnook i have few questions

  1. can i use qos/ sqm qos together ?
  2. i have 250/30 speed connection yet when i im trying to download a movie to my phone from my ftp server the upload speed is slow. ?
  3. how can i keep all pakages when upgrading ?

Hi aniel,

I am not @cybrnook, but I think I can answer that: in theory you can concurrently use sqm-scripts and qos-scripts as long as you do not instantiate them on the same interface. Whether that makes sense in practice depends on the problem you want to solve...

thank you very much


LEDE 17.01.1 is out. LEDE v17.01.1 service release

Any chance for a new stable build when you have the time?


Also a new mwlwifi driver has been released, version 20170421. It has a significant amount of commits as compared to 0110 and some fixes for the WRT3200ACM as well.

I just noticed in my WRT3200ACM build that the new wifi driver 20170421 makes the wifi LEDs to work. I have no wifi LED configuration in /etc/config/system, but wifi LEDs properly blink with activity. They are initially dark, but once there is traffic they start to blink and stay lit.

Absolutely, I will cook up two new builds tomorrow to bring it up to current and to get the new wifi drivers. Not a problem!

Over on the DDWRT side, users are reporting no wireless/config tab with the new image that is supposed to include the new wireless driver. Anything like that happening with LEDE?

No issues so far. In my WRT3200ACM, wifi LEDs work, both 2.4 and 5 GHZ radios are on, status is shown on LuCI front page and wifi config seem to work normally in LuCI. Using my own build r3986-e1d433b293+mwlwifi change.

The driver is not yet in the official LEDE repo.

awesome. Any idea when the driver will show up in the snapshots? or anyone willing to share their WRT3200ACM build? I am at work right now, but would love to give it a shot tonite.

You can download my WRT3200ACM build r3986-e1d433b293 with this new wifi driver + the CPU frequency scaling driver. I am not starting a community build, but have just published a few test builds mainly due to the CPU frequency scaling driver testing.

(And before anybody asks, I have no other devices of the series, and have no intention of building for them.)

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tx , will give it a shot tonite !

do not install the one from hnyman it made my WRT3200ACM to reboot. also how can i upgrade with out having to reinstall all the packages?

Does not appear to be unique to @hnyman build as my build on rango just did the same for me; wonder if this is in any way related to the mamba 4.9k experience.

It might be related to the wifi settings in use. I have otherwise rather vanilla settings except that I use ieee802.11r (but that is likely more on the hostapd side than the core wifi driver).

(And the extras included in my test build are the same as in my community builds for WNDR3700 and R7800. See those threads for info.)

Hi, interesting post! I always wondered, why SOC is running so high ~75C even on 100% idle! Thanks to your posts I understood proper CPU idle is disabled. What a shame.

Have you tried to enable it on latest kernel? Maybe it's time to test after 2 years of development? I wish I will be able to build Lede for myself to test.


excellant image ! tx very much, perfect extras !

up and running-no issues !!!

Thanks so much @cybrnook! Can't wait!