Build for Rubetek CC1

Hi people ! Need help with this device. Rubetek CC1 is the head unit for the Rubetek smart home system.
Inside is OpenWrt (Barrier Breaker), the hardware is Rockchip RK3128 and only the local repository is like *** _ rk3128.ipk. Please help me answer which architecture is used and where to find some packages, I need packages with mosquito brokers.

No, you aren't running OpenWrt in the first place, but some vendor SDK that may be partially based on an ancient version of OpenWrt, but has very little to do with it. Please contact your distributor for support or port OpenWrt to your SOC/ device.

Fun fact, the the rk3128 was released in late summer 2014, two full years after OpenWrt 12.09 'Barrier Breaker', so without a time machine, it's impossible that this version of (upstream) OpenWrt supported it already - and OpenWrt still doesn't support any Rockchip SOCs at all (it should be reasonably easy to add support for it (as its mainline status isn't too bad), but someone will have to do it).