Build for Nokia G-2425G-A

I have a Nokia G-2425G-A provided by my ISP(Airtel) which is ONT+Wireless Router. The stock firmware provided with it is not good(in terms of features and options... for eg: No OpenVPN support) and also the settings like PPPoE configuration are locked and SSH access to the filesystem is not supported...

The SSH access to the linux filesystem was blocked but I managed to gain SSH root access by doing a config hack ( . So I can get the required info(even files) for building the firmware for it via SSH. The stock firmware use Linux 3.18.21(via SSH)

free output:
total used free shared buffers
Mem: 231764 184976 46788 2976 10504
Swap: 0 0 0
Total: 231764 184976 46788

For some reason it also has opkg version 0.4.0 (via SSH)

The ONT specs and other info is also available at
The model name at fccid is same but somethings like the number of USB and POTS ports, ram and flash storage info differ from the User manual and photos (user manual says there are 2 USB and POTS port but mine has only 1 port each)

And finally an image about the internal functional block from the user manual


bridge it, and put your own device behind it ?

Yet I want to build a firmware to directly use on it because the device specs seem good to run the OpenWrt firmware....
Edit: Also I wanted to learn about the building process

You'll find very little info regarding the EN7528 SoC in conjunction with openwrt, I'd say it's not currently supported.

but hey, break a leg!

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Well even if it's proprietary can I just use the stock firmware's SoC driver as there's no public GPON PHY driver anywhere and there is a vendor specific implementation...

No because OpenWrt uses Linux kernel 5.4 (or later). That driver will work only on Linux kernel 3.8.x which is what is currently on that device.

Proprietary drivers on Linux are limited to a specific kernel version because the kernel developers change the driver interfaces often to optimize performance.

Opensource drivers are updated easily to these changes (and are usually updated by kernel developers themselves), proprietary drivers cannot be updated like that so they stop working.


Ohkay... Thank you so much for clearing this...
Hopefully Open Source support for EN7528 comes soon...

@blogic seems to be working on upstreaming kernel support for this family of chips, he mentioned something in the thread Adding OpenWrt support for Ancatus a6 wifi 6 ax1800 ax3 :

different arch/soc that thing you linked is legacy mips

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Ah, I didn't see that the Ancatus is MIPS. The kernel thread is about the ARM variants.

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