Build for DIR-853 A3

Is anyone successful in installing OpenWrt on this specific router ?

@kar200 did it I guess, can you or anyone please mind submitting the files. I tried everything but couldn't get it working on mine.

Hi @mightylover,

Yes I have a working build based on master. The issue is that you can only flash it through the console as the dlink emergency room is disabled on this router "I tried every single comibnation I could think of and couldn't get it to work.

EDIT: There is no factory image availble for this router as well. I did not take one before I installed openwrt so once you install it you cannot go back.

Thanks for replying @kar200 :slight_smile:

Great, and yeah I know the consequences and I've setup the environment was able to get into console but couldn't flash it cuz I have little knowledge of building openwrt custom builds, would you mind sharing your build with me, and Sorry, I accidentally deleted your message can you send it again ? also I'm working on another router DIR-850L so building this might lead me into some solution for DIR-850L-B1 router... Thanks

if you have console already setup it will be a lot easier. I will send you the initramfs first that you can load with option 1 and you will get openwrt working with luci. You can then get a dump of the whole nandflash and share it with me please if you dont mind. Just make sure you reset your router to factory default first because one of the partitions stores the passwords in clear text.

Thanks, sure I will share it with you, in the process I roasted my usb to ttl converter and I'm looking to built a custom ttl using rpi 3, if it worked I might have the whole firmware and all the content of router, otherwise I'll order a new usb to ttl device and will let you know as soon as I dumped the nand, don't worry.

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