Build for Archer C6 v2 (US)

I recently bought a version of Tp-Link Archer C6 v2 in the USA. I try to install openwrt for the EU version, but it is bricked.
I would like to know the difference between the US version and the EU, and if anyone has the image for the US version.

According to the GPL source the non-EU variant has different
GPIOs assigned to some of the LEDs and buttons. The flash
layout might be different as well. The wikidevi entry for
Archer A6/C6 assumes they are identical.


Today i also ordered an Archer C6 V2 (US) Version, as for the flash layout maybe i could help by next week (i am in a travel by now). Maybe a dump would be usefull in order to try to uderstand the layout? I have not opened mine yet, is it SOP-8? Some 25*32 or 25*64 memory?

--- edit ---

Just opened it, it is a 25q127cs1g, it seems that WLAN PHY is QCA9888 (it was hard to read however i am pretty sure the last number is a 8).

It seems that there is an TTL serial port, i connected a LED to a point on the board and it blinks like sending some data to serial port... I have no tools to test by now, however i will test ASAP

Thank you for your help. I ended up returning the router and switched to an Archer C7 v5.

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Just submitted pull request for patch for supporting Archer C6 V2 (US)


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