Build Error LEDE for TP Link WR1043ND

Hi, I just download the source of LEDE for my TP Link WR1043ND V4 router, and I want to build my own custom firmaware. I follow the step based on But I get the error "/home/ros/rama/SDN/custom/lede/source/build_dir/target-mips_24kc_musl-1.1.16/Python-2.7.13/ipkg-install/usr/lib/python2.7/lib-dynload/". How I can fix it?

Thank You.

That is just a path not an error message. Could you provide more infos?

I'm sorry I don't have any info. I build it twice, first is my own custom build and the second is i just donwload it and build it without change anything except the target i choose my router type. How i can configure the path??