Bugs.openwrt.org: User or group not enabled for login

I try to login with github on bugs.openwrt.org, but I get this error:
"User or group not enabled for login."
Can someone please check?

@jow @thess Can you please take a look?

I am able to login using my GitHub credentials.

Is my account banned?

@m95d - Your account on 'bugs' is not enabled. I have re-enabled it for now.

Usually, the most likely reason is that that you have not verified your account confirmation email. However, it looks you have been active there before and I don't know what disabled your account. Your last login was 30-Oct-21.

On Github, you can check your "Authorized OAuth Apps" in your account settings for "OpenWrt Bug Tracker".

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Still not working.
I changed my email address in github: m95d+git@[same domain].ro
The address is verified in github. I didn't receive any confirmation email from bugs.openwrt.org when I changed it, and I don't remeber receiving a confirmation email when I first started using the bugs.openwrt.org.