Bug ? Egderouter 4: Software offloading use only 1 of 4 threads

Hi. Newbie here. Just bought a Egderouter 4, in order to hopefully have powerful enough hardware for a 1 Gb line.

Speed is very good up and down. But the EgdeRouter can’t handle simultaneously 1000/1000.

I noticed only one thread is in use with software offloading. Is this a bug ?
I would expect much better performance if all 4 threads was in use. Can this be achieved in a future update ?

I’m using the SFP interface directly to my ISP.

If the hardware isn’t powerful enough, I like recommendations for what to purchase. Two SFP would be preferable.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this also ends up in the fact that ER4 is deprived of functions because nothing is allowed to be better than ERX since that one is the base for the whole family tree.

So simply put the ER4 isn’t built with Octeon3 drivers.

So what is, and will this help to solve the issue?

Some background info here and further down in that tread.

Thanks. Any suggestions powerful enough HW that will work with OpenWRT ?

Maybe the Dream Machine Pro ?

For hardware recommendations please open a new topic in the Hardware Questions and Recommendations category of this forum.

Please see https://openwrt.org/faq/which_router_should_i_buy before asking for recommendations. This way you will get better recommendations and come to a quicker solution.

Thanks! :slight_smile: