Bufferbloat issue on my laptop with openwrt set up on virtualbox

Hello , I followed openwrt tutorial to set it up on a virtual machine with virtual box
I installed the gui and sqm package set it up
now it looks like it is not doing anything on my laptop because bufferbloat still high, no change on bufferbloat, what am I doing wrong ?
maybe the virtual box router is not taking care of the traffic of my laptop ?
how can i check to be sure?

@merry75, welcome to the community!

Wait...are you saying that you setup and configured an OpenWrt instance as a Virtual Machine on your laptop - because you are trying to solve a bufferbloat issue?

If so, you need to solve bufferbloat at the source of your bottleneck, that's usually your (real) router.

Adding an intermediary device usually doesn't solve such a thing.

Umm, the router is an “intermediary” mdevice.

Checking, does all traffic from your laptop route through the VM?

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To clarify: Bufferbloat [occurring] at its source isn't usually solved by adding an intermediate device. That tends to increase the problem. Routers and other intermediate devices are often the source of (solvable) bufferbloat.

@merry75, are you using a hardware router somewhere (as I assumed you are)?