Bthub solid red light after firmware update 19.07

I updated to the last east snapshot from here:

I cannot connect to it now. How can I revert to factory? Or last configuration?

What version of LEDE/OpenWrt did you upgrade from?

Have you tried a factory reset by sticking a pin in the Reset hole for 10 seconds? (see section 8 of installation guide for HH5A)

Any reason why you didn't try OpenWrt 19.07.0-rc2 instead of snaphots?

fwiw, I just downloaded latest 19.07 snapshot and upgraded my spare hub from 19.07.0-rc2 via LuCI. No problem encountered.

If Reset pin does not work and it looks like you have bricked your HH5A, you will need a serial interface connection, and possibly soldering iron to unbrick it.

I’ve always updated to the latest snapshots without any problems before...I had updated from the previous snapshot that was released last Wednesday hoping it would fix a kernel issue which was preventing me from installing the full wpad because even when I had 802.11w enabled it wasn’t prevent deauth packets disconnecting my device.

Well since it seems like I’ve bricked it, do I need any special tools to install openwrt 19 on backup hub5a I have just in case something like this happened or do I just put the firmware into the BTs admin firmware update page and flash it?

Btw I bought the bthub5a with openwrt preinstalled if you wonder how I got openwrt in the first place. And I bought a normall bthub5a after

To flash from stock BT firmware to OpenWrt, refer to:

For Windows users, PDF:

LEDE installation image for HH5A guide PDF:

Same links to uk posts for the PDFs also listed here:

Otherwise, try contacting original seller. They may (or may not) offer to unbrick your broken HH5A for free (or small fee) if you pay postage.

I cannot find the installation guide, could you please link it?

Thanks a lot

I found this guide:

Can you recommend it?

The link you provided does not work.

Use the dropbox links mentioned in above two forum to reach the latest PDFs. The 'current' dropbox link is:

I would try Reset button first before concluding it is bricked. See section 8 of the guide.