BT Hub 5A can't enable 5GHZ wireless

I am trying to enable the 5GHZ wireless network but gives me
Generic 802.11bg

Device is not active

what can I do?

which OpenWRT Version? (the early 19.07 releases had similar issues on several devices)

Which 5GHz channel? When it is a DFS channel, it might take quite a while in „not associated“ state, before going live.

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OpenWrt 19.07.7 r11306-c4a6851c72
I don't know what channel cause I can't even put the country code I am in egypt can u tell me widest county code with frequencies?

for each of the 2 radios, click on „Edit“, goto „advanced settings“, there you will find the country code setting.

afterwards you can check the channels allowed in the country on a SSH command line with:

iw reg get

nothing happens :frowning:

the default images that I know, have a drop down field like this (not even possible to enter country strings):

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