BT HUB 5, OpenWrt 19.07.2, Very slow LAN -> WLAN

Below is the diagram showing my current setup and WLAN connection status.
I tried to copy a file of over 600MB between NAS and PC. The router and PC were in the same room in the distance of 2m. As you can see the transfer rate was around 3.14MB/s (at its peak).

My current WLAN configuration is as follows


What can I do to improve LAN -> WLAN transfer rates ?



  • one u need to tried with a wired cable for lookin if the problem are on wifi only

after if the problem are only in wifi check the channel at you neighboor , look for a "free" channel a select it on openwrt

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Poor throughput is a known problem with HH5a. See section 7.12

But I will admit 3.14 MB/sec is a lot less than the theoretically possible 10+ MB/sec I'd expect to see from HH5A.

If you are looking for best speeds over wifi, install a dedicated wireless access point running OEM firmware.

The problem is on WIFI only
I set band B channel (100 – 140) and downgraded WIFI mode from AC to N. The transfer rates are around 12MB/s now which is much closer to 112Mb/s cited in section 7.12.

Try on legacy 2.4 :wink:

around 4.5 MB/s