BT homehub5 with LEDE, sometimes randomly reboot

Hi there !

I have a used BT homehub5 setup with LEDE (Powered by LuCI lede-17.01 branch).

It's a few days now that it sometimes randomly reboot. let's say once per evening during last days (killing my PS4 connexion in a middle of a game :wink:)

I had a look in the log inside luci but there are not so much logs here.

Any idea where I could look to see any clue of what happens ?

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Temporarily change your logging to a "permanent" storage, either an external USB stick or a directory that isn't /var/ or /tmp/. That way you have the log of what happened right before the reboot. You might want to consider logrotate if the reboots don't happen often enough before your logs get too large.

If you have enabled flow-offloading, I'd suggest disabling it for testing. There are threads in this forum talking about the connection tracking failing to prune its list, this might run you out of free memory as a side effect.

Edit: I overlooked that you were following the lede-17.01 branch, that obviously doesn't have flow-offload (which requires kernel >=4.14) yet.

fwiw, if the HH5A is connected to internet via red WAN port, did you remember to turn off DSL_control ?


Thanks for ideas!
I don't use the dls or WAN function. I converted the WAN port as a fifth LAN port.
The whole device is used as ethernet swith + wifi AP, router function is not used.

I'm acceptable linux user, but a newbie with LEDE, openwrt.
When I try to go in /var/log, it will go in /tmp/
How can I change the logs to be persistent?

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If you are not using DSL port, you must disable dsl_control to fix the random reboot issue. It is a known bug.

see section 7.13 of LEDE installation manual