BT Home Hub 5A: xDSL status

I'm using the latest official openWRT 18.06.0 r7188-b0b5c64c22 / LuCI openwrt-18.06 branch with my BT Home Hub 5A.
I'm experimenting some problems and slowness with my ADSL2 connection.
In particular, I live very close to my ISP telephone exchange about 300 meters and the quality parameters (Line Attenuation (LATN), Signal Attenuation (SATN), Noise Margin (SNR)) are optimals i.e. they should allow me to reach Max. Attainable Data Rate (ATTNDR) that for my contract are 20 Mbit/s-1 Mbit/s down-up.
My ADSL2 parameters as specified by the ISP:

  • G.992.5 (ADSL2+)
  • VC-Mux
  • VCI 35
  • VPI 8

However, I'm having problem with different ATTNDR values among different connections as you can see in the attached pictures.
What disturb me and the technician of my ISP are the Errored seconds (ES) and the Severely Errored Seconds (SES).

  • ES: number of seconds that have had CRC errors
  • SES - Severely Errored Seconds - after 10 seconds of ES we start counting SES.

If it is possible, can you suggest me how to reset them in order to monitor the connection?
Thank you


fwiw, do you see the same problems with 17.01.4 ?

Do you see same issues with a different model of ADSL modem router?

I can't help but think there is a DSL line fault, or the DSL modem chipset within the HH5a is faulty. Some HH5a were manufactured as far back as 2013. Unfortunately, substituting the HH5a is only way to confirm if the HH5a is defective.

Unfortunately, I do not have another ADSL modem router at the moment.
I bought my BT Home Hub 5a five months ago and it was new. How can I verify the production year?
I think it is a problem of the ISP too.

Start by calling your ISP to check your line

Of course, I already did it and their are investigating on it.

As both the HH5a and BT mains power adapter were brand new, there is a 4 digit number engraved into the original mains power adapter near the 3 metal prongs. The first two digit represents the year. eg. '1450' would be 2014 year.

Thank you, I verified and it is printed 1634 so 2016.
I'm quite sure that the problem is on ISP side.

Seeing a similar thing on my HomeHub 5A (from PlusNet) with both 18.06 and 17.01.4 - in my case the issue kicks in if a large number of transfers are kicked off simultaneously (I can trigger a disconnect by trying to download an Ubuntu iso via bittorrent).

The same line is stable with another ADSL modem running identical openwrt builds.

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