BT Home Hub 5A / Plusnet One – BT SIN 498 MCT Approval?

Does the BT Home Hub 5A/Plusnet One, when running OpenWrt, have BT SIN 498 MCT approval?

As I understand it, Openreach can insist on the removal of non-approved devices for VDSL lines. When I asked Openreach in 2022 about using my OpenWrt router, they told me it would be fine to use on copper (ADSL). I didn’t ask about VDSL, as I had no plans to switch at the time. A visiting Openreach engineer in 2021 had no complaints about my router when on ADSL.

Just before my line was switched to VDSL recently, I removed my Plusnet One router running OpenWrt in favour of an approved one that sadly does not run OpenWrt, which is a shame because OpenWrt offers so much.

I will also follow this up with my provider, but I understand Openreach’s right to protect its network and other users from potential issues.

Many thanks.

I'd say it doesn't- mainly because no one bothered to spend God knows how much money to get an approval that might become void with the next software patch set (like FIPS)

I would simply risk it... worst that can happen is a stern letter telling you to disconnect that device... but likely nothing is going to happen it is not that OpenReach is so personal heavy that they desperately are looking for busy work?