Bt home hub 5 with lede 17.01.4 help required please

Good Morning Forum,

i am in desperate help I have purchased a BT Home HUB 5 with Lede 17.01.4 from Ebay, I have spent the last 3 weeks trying to get this to work and i am just unable too. Is there a kind hearted soul out there that can help me with this.
i have read tutorial and tried to watch videos i just cant seem to get it to work.
I am not after anything complicated just to replace my existing talk talk modem with this home HUB for streaming and general internet browsing.

thank you in advance for any help


Have you read through section 7.5 of the install guide found below summarising the setup for major UK ISPs including TalkTalk?

If you have TalkTalk fibre, they use DHCP protocol, not PPPoE, as used by most other major ISPs apart from Sky.

Morning Guys

thank you for the prompt response tried all of the above to no avail.
I think hammer and bin spring to mind.
I am waiting for a friend to come over this afternoon and take a look I will update you all asap.

thank you once again.

I am not sure this is correct. The OP is with TalkTalk. If they use TalkTalk VDSL (fibre), the connection should be made using DHCP and not PPPoE. See Bill's manual Section 7.5 page 33.