BT Home Hub 5 Type A Slow Ac Wireless


i have bt home hub 5 type A
I get a speed between 12-16 mbps while copying files from nas server over the wireless network
On the wired connection, I get 93 mb speed
Openwrt 19.07.03 software is installed on the device.
how can i solve this problem?

I presume you mean 12-16 Mbytes/sec (MB/sec), and not 12-16 mbps from LAN to wifi.

This is expected performance.

Please study section 7.12 of installation guide for HH5A

To solve the problem, do not use HH5A wifi. Use an external wireless access point with OEM firmware.

thank you for answer

Is there any openwrt version you recommend as stable?

sometimes there is vdsl stability problem

I only use LEDE 17.01.6 on VDSL2 fixed speed 55/10 mbps line, recording longest DSL uptime of 280 days earlier this year, with LEDE uptime recently passing 600 days. Others may be able to comment on OpenWrt 18 & 19.

If you are suffering DSL disconnections and local wiring in your property is not at fault (If you are in the UK, have you tested router at the Engineers Test Socket hidden within the BT master socket?), perhaps try a Broadcom based VDSL2 modem/router if you are connected to a Broadcom DSLAM. eg. TPlink TD-w9970 offers 'bridge modem' mode, to enable you to use a router of your choice.

I am using 18.04 now, when I try to install LEDE 17.01.6, I get an incompatible error.what should i do for this problem

see section 4.4 and 7.17 of installation guide for HH5A

Unlikely downgrading with resolve any DSL issues imho when using LEDE/Openwrt. Disconnections usually caused by fault on line.

I am getting the error in the picture while installing the 17.01.6 version on my device. What am I doing wrong

You cannot 'downgrade' via LuCI.

See my previous post for solution which is fully documented within the installation guide for HH5A.

Basically you have to SCP the lede sysupgrade image to the router's /tmp folder.

Then SSH into the router and execute sysupgrade command with -n -F flags to force the installation at your own risk. of possibly bricking the router.

does this method brick the device?

I don't want the device to crash.

The risk exists when flashing any router. The main issue with HH5A is if you do brick it, it can only be recovered using USB to serial-TTL interface.

What VDSL connection speeds do you get from your ISP? Is it a long line with broadband speed less than 30mbps ?

If you are having DSL disconnection problems with your original modem router, and with HH5A, I don't believe changing OpenWrt on HH5A will solve your problems.


Hello again

The openwrt web interface updates itself in 5 seconds. is there any way to change this.

Actually what I want to say is not a mistake. I just want to change the web interface update interval (its full name could be poll status)

I want to change the update interval to 1 second

Sorry, I don't know the answer.

As it is a general question about LuCI, and LuCI is a package, perhaps you may have to raise a new question in the appropriate sub forum? ("Community builds, Projects and packages")

Reducing the update interval will also affect cpu utilisation and so affect performance of router btw. LuCI is cpu intensive.

thank you so much

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