BT Home Hub 5 type A fibre support?

Can anyone confirm the BT Home Hub 5 type A supports UK BT fibre to cabinet connection?

Mine is currently working really well with adsl but am looking at a 67/16 mbs down/up option. Is performance OK?

Also the supplier mentions filters. Can I re-use my current adsl filters?

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FTTC is still 'just' VDSL to your home (where exactly the fibre ends is rather immaterial, aside from the cable lengths influencing your maximum attainable throughput).

The BT Home Hub 5 Type A can do plain VDSL2 with vectoring, profile 17b up to around 100/40 MBit/s (maybe up to ~120 MBit/s), but not super-vectoring (profile 35b) up to 250/50 MBit/s. What exactly you need, depends on the situation in the UK and what your ISP has set up in your street (but from your figures, you might be able to use the BTHub5). The same goes for the question of line filters, in Germany we've been forced to VoIP/ SIP and no filters (modem directly connected to the line, phones behind the router, attached to a SIP pbx/ ATA), no idea what's currently en vogue in the UK <-- depends on your ISP (and they should have information about that).


Thanks slh, Here in UK, some have fttp without phone line. Sadly, I can only get fttc/vdsl, and that means also paying for an analogue phone line too. Filters are compulsory.

Can anyone here confirm from experience that the BT Home Hub 5 type A with openwrt firmware supports the uk BT fttc connection? ... with the original Adsl filters?

Yes, it works fine.

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The filter is to keep DSL frequencies out of the analog phone. It is a low pass for audio frequencies only.

The DSL modem must be connected directly to the line without any filter. The modem has its own filtering to keep analog phone signals out of the DSL data. So there's no issue of filter choice vs the type of DSL. There is only one kind of filter electrically, though they come in different physical form factors.

Ideally, connect the modem directly to the network interface with good quality cable (cat 5, not old phone wiring) and tee off immediately to a single filter, then place all old phones and wiring on the downstream side of the filter.

UK standard is "infinity" connections provided by openreach network is VDSL2 with maximum line speeds of 70/20

Voice calls don't use SIP providers but make use of low pass filters on the lines.

The Home Hub 5 is still being provided (sometimes rebadged) for the above connections.

I have "upgraded" a few friends devices to OpenWRT to fix the poor WiFi stability.

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