BT Home Hub 5 OpenWrt 18.06 restarts once every 24 hours

Hi all, I'm a relative newbie to OpenWRT but I'm hoping you all may be able to point me in the right direction to triage an issue I have with my DSL link on a BT Home Hub 5A using OpenWrt 18.06.1

I've been using the router for a few days now and I thought all was working well until I noticed a strange problem which always happens within a 2 hr window every night. Essentially, between 8pm - 10pm the VDSL connection just completely drops and restarts itself. I don't have to do anything to bring it back - it simply resets itself and then within a few mins, all my devices are back working again. After this reset, it will be up fine until the next evening where it essentially does the same thing. I don't have any scheduled tasks running for this time and my implementation of OpenWrt is pretty vanilla - the only extras I have is the Dynamic DNS package and no-ip extension but other than this, it is pretty standard.

I'm still finding my way around the log files at present - my main ally has been the Luci interface although I am slowly getting used to SSH. I cannot see anything major from the Luci system logs but perhaps I need to delve into the main log files more.

Just to give some background, I am using Vodafone VDSL2 and have swapped out the Vodafone connect stock router for this Homehub to give me better WiFi options. Before the swapout, my Vodafone router would often have a stable DSL connection which had been up for months so I know it isn't the line at fault here, it must be something either incorrectly configured on the PPPoE side or some bottleneck on the software.

Does anyone have any similar experiences or could offer a starter on the best way to triage this issue? I really love OpenWRT so want to carry on.

I have a copy of the current log - the disconnect today happened around 08:02pm but the logs look pretty clear at that point -

Many thanks in advance, tonyclifton

Unfortunately this is just the booting log, so nothing interesting there that could point to the culprit.
So is it just the vdsl connection that drops or the whole router reboots?

Hi Trendy,
I've had a look at the uptime and it does look like the router actually restarts itself.

Kind Regards, TC