Broadcom BCW63177UFKFEBG


Do you know of any devices using this processor?

No open support for broadcom DSL, little to no for wifi. Look for unsupported fresh devices like free CPE-s

I know it won't be openwrt. I have a device provided by ISP, TP-Link. The interface is limited. I'm looking for a firmware with similar hardware. I connected to the device via serial. There is certain information. However, I could not find a device with similar equipment.

Base: 5.2_07
CFE version 1.0.38-163.231 for BCM963178 (32bit,SP,LE)
Build Date: Thu Aug 13 06:09:46 EDT 2020 (root@linrong-virtual-machine)
Copyright (C) 2000-2015 Broadcom Corporation.

Boot Strap Register:  0x7fffffef
Chip ID: BCM63177_A2, ARM Cortex A7 Triple Core: 1500MHz
Total Memory: 268435456 bytes (256MB)
SPI NAND ECC 1, page size 0x800 bytes, spare size used 64 bytes
SPI NAND flash device: ESMT F50L1G41LB, id 0xc8010000 block 128KB size 131072KB
Board IP address                  :
Host IP address                   :
Gateway IP address                :
Run from flash/host/tftp (f/h/c)  : f
Default host run file name        : vmlinux
Default host flash file name      : bcm963xx_fs_kernel
Boot delay (0-9 seconds)          : 1
Default host ramdisk file name    :
Default ramdisk store address     :
Default DTB file name             :
Board Id                          : 963178REF3
Number of MAC Addresses (1-64)    : 11
Base MAC Address                  : 02:xx:xx:01:00:01
PSI Size (1-512) KBytes           : 48
Enable Backup PSI [0|1]           : 0
System Log Size (0-256) KBytes    : 0
Auxillary File System Size Percent: 0
WLan Feature                      : 0x00
Voice Board Configuration (0-1)   :
Partition 1 Size (MB)             : 8M
Partition 2 Size (MB)             : 0M
Partition 3 Size (MB)             : 0M
Partition 4 Size (MB) (Data)      : 8M

No open firmware supports broadcom DSL.
Check some dsl user forums for unlocking hidden menus in your CPE UI. Certainly not here.

then you're asking at the wrong place, this forum is for openwrt.

another option is to switch to a modem (not Broadcom based) supported by openwrt