Brige vpn and lan

So i need a litle bit of help, how shoud i brige a vpn tunela to a phisical port on a switch using vlan, with the idea being if i plug a device in that port to get dhcp ip and etc from the vpn server

How shoud i configure that pass trought on both routers, and eventualy get a gigabit network over the vpn :thinking:

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VPN setup should be a breeze. Which router and OpenWrt version are you using? Which VPN are you trying to connect?


So i wanna use wireguard or openvpn
And i use kinda a lot of difrent devices but the vpn server will be on a
TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 v2

For now it will be betwean 2 routers that are the same model like above

But in general i wana know how shoud i setup it

Thank you for the update. VPN server instructions can be accessed from at your convenience. Similarly, VPN client instructions can be accessed from at your convenience.

Good luck with your network. Enjoy.


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If you want to create a layer 2 bridge between the physical port and server over VPN then you can't use WireGuard or OpenVPN in tun mode directly. You either need to use

  1. OpenVPN in tap mode, or

  2. you need to add a layer 2 tunnel such as GRETAP or VXLAN inside WireGuard or OpenVPN in tun mode.

If it was my own VPN client and server, then I would probably chose WireGuard + GRETAP. (I haven't used that combination of tunnels, but I have used WireGuard + GRE.)

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Can provide some document action about what i need to do in order to use openvpn i tap mode?

Or if the wiregruard is the more simple option to go it coud be that too