Bridging with OpenWrt and PC

Good Morning everyone,

I hope I can get some advice whilst I tinker with a project while in lockdown in England. (I'm liking lockdown, it's making me learn new things to stop being bored!!).

I'm using a BT Home Hub 5, or PlusNet Hub One as a modem/router at the moment, but I want to change the network layout slightly. My aim is to use OpenWRT as an OS on my modem to bridge the WAN to a full AMD machine I run 24/7. So idea being at the moment I am on VDSL, but fibre is incoming soon. So whilst bored at home I can build connection etc into my server bridged over the modem using OpenWRT, and when fibre in installed I just change the RJ45 from the modem to the new fibre box. All auth for the WAN network is easily changed on the PC.

Can anyone point me to a guide on how to put OpenWRT into full bridging mode? So the PC Server just uses OpenWRT on the cheapo BT/Plusnet box as a modem? The attached PC does the Auth and so on?

I'd be really grateful as I'm bored and want a project to keep me busy for the time being whilst the pubs are closed! Winning suggestion gets beer once pubs are back open :slight_smile:

Many thanks,

Ian B

Read up on, "9.8 Bridge mode for VDSL Connection".