Bridging eth0 and wlan0

I want to bridge my lan and wan using "brctl"
none of commands are working for me.

#brctl addbr br0 
#brctl addif br0 eth0
#brctl addif br0 wlan0

is giving me :

root@OpenWrt:/# brctl addbr br0
/bin/ash: brctl: not found

"Bridge the lan and wan" does not make much sense. If you are accessing the Internet with a wlan client (STA) interface to a regular AP, that sta cannot be put in a bridge. You must route to it.

  • Use the UCI system to set up bridges.
    There is already a bridge named br-lan in /etc/config/network.
    A bridge that stands alone needs a dummy network (config interface with option proto none) attached to it to actually instantiate.
  • Do not reference wifi interfaces in /etc/config/network. Use the option network setting in /etc/config/wireless.

Beside any of that though, brctl is a standard command in release builds (so that UCI scripts can call it, not that you should try to start bridges directly). What hardware and OpenWrt version are you using?

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OpenWRT 19.07.3

I'm bridging my wlan0 and eth0 to create internal i don't need internet access via that.

eth0 and wlan0 can be bridged over interface.
via Luci its easily possible to add different interfaces into a br-lan

Consider migrating to the latest release (21.02.2) for more features and better security. That model has sufficient RAM and flash to support it.

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