Bridged AP issue

Hi all

I have some very weird problem, but Im sure it has a really simple solution. I will first present my setup, and than describe the problem.

This is my setup:

  1. Asus router {
    fiber optic -> LAN + WiFi
    Dhcp configured : -
    LAN for smart TV
    LAN for Sony PlayStation
    LAN for streamer
    LAN for xiaomi mi4a gigabyte (far from asus, connected t
    through the wall)

  2. Xiaomi gigabyte {
    OpenWRT firmware
    LAN+ WiFi
    Configured as bridged AP
    ( DHCP disabled, configured
    using this guide ->

    LAN for laptop
    Wifi for other devices.

After some time, the Asus is getting 169.254 on LAN devices only. Other wifi connected devices are working properly.

What I missed? What can I do to solve this?

You mean the LAN IP of the Asus changes to 169.254.x.y?

Or on the clients?

My guess would be a physical cable issue between Asus and openwrt.


The LAN clients

My thoughts exactly, but I connected it to the laptop directly, and it works fine.
That is why Im suspecting a bad configuration on the Asus or on the xiaomi

All of the Ethernet ports should be in the lan bridge. This should be a DSA system, so they are named individually as "wan," "lan1," "lan2," etc.

169.254 IPs result when Windows is unable to reach a DHCP server. The DHCP requests should be being passed through the Xiaomi to the Asus main router.

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Of course, I didn't understand what DSA is, but every LAN customer on the xiaomi and on the Asus is going out from a LAN output.

Can you explain this sentence?
Im not sure how to achieve this..

If all the ports on the Xaiomi are in the same network then it will hardware switch the requests from a PC plugged into one of them over to the cable leading to the main router.


Do the test the other way roznd: bring the openwrt router to the asus, connect them both via a short cable and connect your laptop to the ap via cable. Does that work ?

Also you wrote that the issue dors not occur on wifi connected devices. So while the ap is connected via the long cable with the asus, the laptop connected to the ap via cable looses its ethernet connection, while at the same time the wireless devices connected to the aps wifi keep it. That would indicate that the cable between ap and asus is not the problem.

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I'm sorry, I don't understand.
Should I do something?

I honestly don't know how I didn't come up with this myself. I'll try now

No, the laptop is connected through the openWRT AP still have internet connection, but all of the LAN's connected to the Asus are getting 169.254...
Other wifi connected devices like my phone keeps getting internet