Bridge? Relay? mode configuration

Hi, I'm a complete newbie to all of this, so be gentle, please :slight_smile:

My setup:
My resident is connected to a DHCP server (outside my control), then there's a switch inside the closet that routs to different rooms (wired). Meaning each room will get an IP address from that external LAN.

My goal:
Connect Wi-Fi routers in different rooms and receive IPs (mobile, laptops, music, print, etc.) from the external LAN, so all my devices will be on the same network.

My problem
One of my routers has a configuration that says "Bridge Mode" which did exactly that.
I don't know how to configure the one with OpenWrt (LuCI Web Interface) to do the same. Is there a simple way of doing it?

Thank you!

What you want is to convert the router to a dumbAP.


But I can't configure a static address (I assume), because the main router's LAN in not under my control (and it might mess it?)
"Configure the Dumb AP's LAN port to have a static address on the main router's LAN address range"

You have a few options here.

  1. Configure it as dhcp client. It will get an IP from the upstream router, but you'll need to find out which is it.
  2. Create an alias interface on the lan with static IP in a different network. For example if the upstream router allocates 192.168.0.X/24 then you can use 192.168.1.X/24
  3. Leave it with your own static IP outside the subnet of the upstream router. Configure one lan host with dual IPs (one static, one dhcp) to be able to configure it and browse the internet. Just don't use gateway for the static connection.
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Thanks a lot trendy! I will look into those.

You can also create an administration network reachable by a special SSID or Ethernet port.

The IP address that a dumb AP holds is not important to the wireless users since they are bridged to the upstream router directly. It is used to log in to the router for adminstration.

If you don't trust the main network much make it a DHCP client in the wan zone, so it can reach the Internet to set the NTP time and download packages, but otherwise all administration is through your separate admin network.

Ok. I followed the guide dumbAP and it seems to work. Thanks folks!
Once applied the settings I lost the ability to connect to the router for administration. Well, I don't mind reset and reconfigure if required :slight_smile: glad that it works.

Isn't it in the same network as the upstream router? Or did you use dhcp as protocol?