Bridge Port Isolation Quirks

@lukas12342 I am trying to write a followup on this topic: Bridge port isolation not working - #6

Since I am not able to do so, I am creating a new one. How is the isolation feature in Luci currently working? There have been a few weird observations I have made playing around with it. These tests have been made in 22.03RC4.

  1. It still (no longer?) does NOT seem to set /sys/class/net/guest-2.4/brport/isolated as I would expect from reading the other thread on this topic. It remains at 0.
  2. It DOES seem to work. I have attached my 2.4ghz and 5ghz guest networks to the same bridge, and clients on different bands cannot ping each other as expected. Is bridge port isolation being done differently now? If so, how?
  3. Enabling it in Luci and hitting Save & Apply does NOT work. I need a full reboot for the setting to actually do something.

Is there anyone able to explain these weird findings by any chance? Thanks a lot in advance!

Actually. I think I miss-configured something. It does actually NOT work (I was getting ping timeouts due to a different issue). But then I do remain confused. Why does the isolated value remain at 0. Did it break again?