Bridge mode and VLAN on a modem?


I have a modem/router TD-W8980 with openwrt on it, I need to put it on "bridge mode" and add a VLAN 836 for the "data"

I need to do this manipulation on it to get my private MAC address from my ISP.

Can someone point me how can I put a modem into briged mode ? and how to do VLAN i'm a total noob into this

I did some research but I don't understand nothing to any tutorial

Here what the ideal configuration should be :

Thank you for help :slight_smile:

Connection is lost after setting up a VLAN and luci didn't roll back to normal configuration, I can't even SSH into my modem

What to do ?

Which will be your main router - this TD-W8980 or another device?

Could you give more details, please?

Enter failsafe mode, then do the factory reset. This will wipe all your configuration changes and put the device back into working condition. Of course you can also try to fix the broken config manually.

To enable the VLAN tagging on xDSL, replace dsl0 with dsl0.836 in the network configuration.

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My current modem/router is the TD-W8980 Annex A, the picture I showed you was from a tutorial

Yes, I need to connect to my ISP and the authentication method is IPoA using a internal MAC address assigned by my ISP, I need to obtain this MAC address, here the tutorial I follow :

I need to connect my modem into brigde mode and connect to my RJ11 cable I will then obtain the internal mac address my ISP use to authenticate me on their network from my computer using wireshark, the dslam will send the mac in the packets header

I managed to fix this, thank you

As I understand it, the bridge mode is just needed temporarily in order to extract the MAC address from the DSL traffic, then you can return to a router configuration.

  • Edit the LAN interface, go to Physical settings, and add dsl0 or dsl0.836 to the bridge interfaces.
  • Another option could be to install tcpdump on the OpenWrt router and run tcpdump -n -e -i dsl0. This works without bridge mode and wireshark.