Bridge, eth0 and wlan mac address


My bridge mac address has the same mac address as the eth0 and wlan1.
my /etc/config/network looks like this

config device 'lan_eth0_dev'
	option name 'eth0'
	option macaddr 'HERE there is mac addr of the wlan1'

Is it possible to have the mac address of eth0 and wlan1 different?
Why lan_eth0_dev is overriding the mac address of eth0?

Here is what I'm trying to do.
I have a netgear AP. The 2.4 BSSID is 'A' (e.g.)
It shut down the radio between 00:00-06:00

I have EX3700 that is acting as AP.
I'd like to run it between 00:00 and 06:00.

Now, some STA need to use the same BSSID.
So I thought of overriding the wlan mac address to be the same as 'A'.

But once I do this, I see that the incoming packets on the LAN has the same MAC address as 'A' and dmesg shows this error.
"[ 152.145813] br-lan: received packet on eth0 with own address as source address (addr:'A', vlan:0)'

Is there anything else I can do here?