Bridge across two Access Points (APs)

Hi All,

I have 2 devices that can only be in Access point mode.

I have GL-AR150 running OpenWrt.

Can I use the GL-AR150 to bridge between those 2 devices?
So that they can talk to each other.

Something like this:

APdevice1 <---> GL-AR150 <---> APdevice2


The problem here is that most wlan chipsets can only create a single STA (client) interface, besides the obvious restriction of being limited to a single channel. Adding a USB wlan card to the router might help there (but long term stability/ reliability in continuous operations of most USB cards is mediocre at best).

Thanks slh!

I think I see what you mean. Will have to do some research on STA.

I think I was able to create more than one client. But maybe it was not really 2 clients and that’s why I could not get it to work.

I think this is what I am trying to do:

I will look into extending the device.

Maybe something like this:

I guess a simple workaround would be to connect two of the routers using wired Ethernet.

Like this:

AP1 ((wifi)) GL-AR150 --wired connection-- GL-AR150 ((wifi)) AP2

What do you think?

If you usually buy them by the dozen, that could also be an option.

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I got it to work, thanks for the pointers!

I ended up getting this one:

It has 2.4 and 5 ghz radios so that worked out great since one of my APs is 5 ghz and the other can work as 2.4.

So it can connect twice as a client, once on 2.4, and another as 5 ghz.

So I ended up only needing one device.

Then a simple iptables entry to forward a port and one AP is talking to the other AP.

Thanks again for the pointers!

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