Bricked Xiaomi AX3600


I've got a very similar problem to this thread here, where I've tried recovering it using the Mi Repair Tool and/or TFPT but the router just infininitely hangs there after firmware flash (success indicated by infinitely blinking blue light) upon restart with an orange LED that turns off and on. Ethernet connection to PC just goes from 'Identifying' to 'Network Cable Unplugged' infinitely during this.

Luckily this is a spare router, but I've got no tools (serial cables, etc) unlike the user in the above post - is there any way I can unbrick this? Happy to buy some of the tools necessary to get it sorted.

Do you solve it? same problem

Same problem here, flashing stock firmware via tftp works well but after reboot : nothing (orange led and white quickly get on off , same as otakuclint) .
Any suggestion ?