Bricked TL-WR940N V6 (BR)

I had this router for almost 2 years running OpenWRT, now when I tried to flash the new firmware I compilled the thing died on me.

Failsafe with tftp does not work (this thing even has one?), flash by soldering the serial cable also does not work.

My last resort is flash the eeprom directly by a programer, but to do this I need a full dump of a working one.
Since I cant get one of this model to disassemble and do the dump I came to ask if someone can provide me this dump, OpenWRT or factory firmware, either will do.

You do want to dump the existing flash contents from the desoldered spi-nor flash, before writing anything else (ART, the wifi calibration, is unique to your device, if it's gone, so is the wireless). If you have the means to write a new image via spi, then you also have the means to dump whatever is on the flash (it might be corrupted, but you should really try before overwriting it).