Bricked Thomson TG585 v7

I bricked these adsl router i found firmvers on link is anyone do unbrick on these router, whats procedure? so far i cant start i cant found jack for dc power in router

sorry if am way of the cours i need help

Is this related to OpenWrt, if so how?

(This device is not supported by OpenWrt.)

Unless I misunderstood, connecting power is generally Step 1.

I had kind of a bad day until now :rofl:


sorry, thank you

sorry i know that i shouldnt post these am sorry i just didnt know how to start than you on good instructions verry much. i will try to connect power on board or found i store some jack in whats fits

There are no Thomson devices that are supported by OpenWrt.

As such, this is off-topic for these forums. Questions of this nature are best directed towards the vendor (or firmware maintainer) and/or user forums that support this device or general networking topics.

Since this is not related to OpenWrt, I will be closing this thread.