Bricked Sky Sr102

Hey Experts,

I've tried flashing SR102 with OpenWRT with the tool provided at the SR102 page name bcm image burner, it started flashing, and then a message came saying wait for 1 minute and then power off, I waited around 10 minutes things were stuck. So It repowered the router and it died, It now only shows orange light, with no output on Serial, WLAN IC is running hot when I power it. Kindly help me out, how to get it live.


If serials dead, the only way to recover is to reprogram flash chip.

You can try to retrieve it using the JTAG:

@frollic I wonder the components on PCB like wifi chip is running very hot, if its not dead I can give it a try.

@larsen will it give me anything on JTAG ? Cuz router is only showing orange light, and then wlan chips starts to heat up quick. I’ll try JTAG once will get back to the thread.