Bricked Redmi Ax6000 Openwrt

as said, its a bug for this ubootmod itself, the devs need to address and fix this issue asap and let the users notify about this issue.

yes you can use ch314A programmer to reprogram the NAND unless it is flushed. Look for the chip called ESMT beside the UART pinouts. Thats your main objective if you are gonna reporgram it. You will also need the dump files for the partitions of the stock I assume.

Openwrt has nothing to do with uboot.

You can just as well ask your car mechanic to fix the uboot issue.

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Then who develops the openwrt uboot? not openwrt? and you dont need to be rude. I know car mechanics can't fix this issue. Instead you could have told which group develops the openwrt uboot.

also I heard maybe changing the tftp address or the ip to another ip may help fix the issue. It has to be done from the uboot side and not the pc. See if that works for you. Or maybe the tftp port is different. Need to test a bunch of configurations.

it seems a guy posted some youtube tutorials and it got deleted why? and also the user got banned

i dont know they banned your old acc but this is ridiculous :/. No worries even if you get banned i got the links archived in my email. It was sort of helpful I think I will be able to fix the tftp issue Thanks

Hey did u finally recover from this ? Mine just do this, i tried upgrading snapshot to snapshot but after reboot it doesn't boot up, then i took out the power, and reconnect and ended with no led but my laptop seems detect there's a LAN connected

Update :
Never mind, i could recover it with tftp, but that's really annoying because it's like no signs of life, i thought my device got dead bcs i just unplugged and plugged the adaptor LOL