Bricked my TP-link Archer c50 v1

Hi, My "Tp-Link Archer c50 V1" router is bricked and would like to get help in this regard.
I flashed Openwrt firmware on it using web gui of the router.After this the router went to bootloop with single led and then all led's blinking in alternate fashion with 2 sec delay.
I used the TFTPD to read log file and then flashed the original firmaware back after renaming it as per tftpd log .After this the router bricked further(the red led glows for a sec when I power on the router but then no Led's blink).I cannot use tftpd at this stage .Is there any way to still get it working?

Hi, i'm in the same situation, recently i found a way to unbrick it. Since i'm from Cuba and i don't have any way to buy a serie - TTL adapter, but i had a raspberry pi 2, lol, and that's the same, it has the awesome GPIO, thanks raspberry.
And with some search in the web i found a way to flash the stock firmware again.
I don't do it yet, but i'm on my way to make it possible.

Sorry for my English, isn't my primary language.