Bricked my netgear ex3800


i recently bricked the netgear ex3800 while ignoring all warnings and like this thread at [Solved] Bricked my netgear ex3800 it seems to be possible, to finish a serial flash.

unfortunately there is no port naming at the ex 3800, so i do not know how how to ensamble the counter-part of my FTD-232... at it calls about The serial port configuration is 8 data bits, one stop bit, and a baud rate of 57200.

may someone please hold my hand while i 1st try to recover a device off the dead and complete the given device page? Putty etca pp availble

I don't understand this sentence. Do you mean that the pins are not labelled and you do not know how to connect the FT232 to the device?

fccid says.
don't connect the 3.3V.


yes, the pins are not labeled :(.

at it says "On the bottom of the PCB are test points labeled TX,RX,GND,3V3 - this is the serial port header" which may mean a from upper left to down right, but the serial connection seems to be dead.

swap Rx and Tx, and no 3.3v.

This looks like the top of the PCB, not the bottom, but I can't make out anything due to the bad image quality.

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yes, unfortunately the solding solution :confused:

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