Bricked MT7621A


I have a MT7621A device that I bought from Aliexpress. I recently noticed that It can not boot anymore.

The attached screenshot is uart output during startup. It freezes in this stage and can not continue and go to the boot stage.

Is this OpenWrt related?

If so, are you asking a question?

You just happened to notice it as it happened all by its lonely self? You didn't have anything to do with the fact that it stopped booting?


Somewhat. OP is referring to the "Hilink HLK-7621 evaluation board" which actually has official OpenWrt support.

That being said, this is obviously not an OpenWrt issue. And if uboot wets the bed at this stage, I'm not sure what can be done.

The commit message suggests that this device's uboot is a "GnuBee" variant and has multiple built-in recovery mechanisms which could help.


I apologize for the incomplete thread.

@WereCatf : I was using the OpenWrt development snapshot, and It was working well. After a while, I tried to use the reset button to reset the OpenWRT that it happened.

@takimata : Yes you are right. But I didn't find any clue how to re-flash the gnubee on the device. In addition, there is no option for recovery in the UART interface.

It has a winbond w25q256jv flash chip.
I also dropped an email to the sellers, and they said the board is broken, and I have to buy another one. Since I can't rely on their answer, I asked here.