Bricked installing OpenWrt from tplink gui on TL-WR902ACv3

Hi all

I just got this device yesterday TL-WR902ACv3 and I flashed using the tplink gui on openwrt-22.03.2-ramips-mt76x8-tplink_tl-wr902ac-v3-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin


Immediately after flashing all the lights are yellow and blinking

Cannot get into rescue mode using tftpd64 by following the video here

The second light on the router just flashes rapidly then goes back to all the 4 lights on the router flashing endlessly. tftpd64 switches back from ethernet to

This was the original firmware TL-WR902ACv3_EU_0.9.1_0.3_up_boot[191018-rel34369].bin . I can't seem to get the tftpd64 software to send the file over to the router as I am not sure after flashing this openwrt-22.03.2-ramips-mt76x8-tplink_tl-wr902ac-v3-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin which header I should cut to.

Just before I electronics bin the router is there anything else I can do?

Failed tftp flash/recovery is often caused by the firewall running in the TFTP host, it needs to be stopped.

Also need to flash the factory bin /recovery file.
Here you flashed the sysupgrade which caused the brick.
Try flashing the file in the link @frollic gave via tftp.

Rename openwrt-ramips-mt76x8-tplink_tl-wr902ac-v3-squashfs-tftp-recovery.bin to tp_recovery.bin and place it in tftp server directory.

hi frolic and AashishAs .

Thank you for the advise on the firewall and the recovery. while not quite fixed at least I finally see the transfer window now

Hi Both

Thanks I am now able to access the router via openwrt-22.03-2


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