Breed Method to install OpenWrt - Netgear R6220?

Hi, anyone using the "Boot and Recovery Environment for Embedded Devices (BREED)" to install the OpenWRT? -

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What are the pros and cons of using breed here ?

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Yes .Not only Netgear. I've got it on mir3g and now on mr1800x wifi6 router. mt7621 hacking swiss knive

Can you share your experience with pros and cons ?
I have read the Breed manual, the english is not clear, and installation seems tricky.

Benefit of breed is basically an unbrickable router. Holding reset button and powering on gives a web interface onto which you can flash new firmware.

There's also overclocking capability. All of my Archer C7 routers for example are overclocked to 1GHz.

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I got a couple of TL-WR841 v7 where I replaced TP-Link's bootloader with Breed. Way easier to recover now when they go AWOL.

Sounds interesting, are there any English instructions?

There is breed translate plugin for chrome . And installation is to write breed.bin on /dev/mtd0 via OpenWrt or OEM firmware. Once installed You cannot brake it beyond boot . It will always boot with reset button pressed .


So the bootloader has more option for recovering, installing, etc. Ok sounds interesting. Does it change the partition layout ? The idea is to use more available space from the flahs memory. For example the R6220 has a 60 MB unused partition.

It basically offers a web based recovery, like some MT7621 D-Link devices (DIR-878, DIR-860L) have by default. My ZyXEL XGS1250-12 has a web based recovery as well I noticed. I have replaced the crappy TP-Link bootloader on my Archer C5 v1 as well e.g. No more fiddling with TFTP servers and scratching your head why the recovery doesn't like the images you're offering and whatnot.

The catch is you need to know the reset GPIO your device uses (you can check the DTS for that). The BREED binaries are built for specific models, but if your device uses the same GPIO for reset, you can replace your OEM bootloader with that specific BREED build, if they share the same GPIO for reset. I see the R6220 even has a specific build for it, so that makes it even easier.


BREED recovery can also be enabled using ( enter breed ) application on windows / linux or serial console. No reset button required

Yeah, but for 99% of the OpenWrt userbase a reset button is easier to reach for than an extra program on your OS or a serial connection.

I have seen images of the breed interface, it's clearer now. It's a bootloader and a web based interface for managing partittions, including the firmware. Sounds better and better interesting.

It's a bootloader with a web based recovery, yes. As I believe modern u-boot versions offer as well.

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Fwiw, here are the BREED Recovery Console translations if you're not using the Chrome translator (e.g. I used Firefox). At least this is from my C7v2; my R6220 is at the in-laws house. :slight_smile:

Breed Web:
恢复控制台	Recovery Console

系统信息		System Message
固件更新		Firmware Update
固件备份		Firmware Backup
频率设置		Frequency Settings
恢复出厂设置	Reset
TP-LINK 设置	TP-LINK Settings
环境变量编辑	Environment Variable Editor
环境变量设置	Environment Variable Settings
重启		Reboot
关于		About