Branding and Theme

In the old OpenWrt theme across the top was information about the Release

OpenWrt | OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05-rc2 | Load: 0.09 0.04 0.05 | Auto Refresh: on Changes: 0

Some of this shows in the footer now. Only Auto Refresh shows in the menu bar.

I would like to suggest, that if this is the default GUi, that we include at least the Brand (LEDE) and the Version in the top left corner. I am not sure what the load really tells me, but do like having the Changes. I would also like to see the uptime.

While "lede" appears at the top of the page, it's the Hostname value and I usually change this. Also should the default Hostname be capitalized?

Luci is common to both Openwrt and LEDE. The same bootstrap theme is the default on both of them.

If you have unsaved changes, they are shown in the theme.

And the current default hostname is LEDE

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