Branching LEDE 17.01

@jow has posted a note on the lede-dev mailing list, requesting feedback on a branch to create a "lede-17.01" branch that would ultimately become the first stable release.

You can follow the discussion at:

I assume this is happening today? When it does happen, will it be officially announced or published on the git page?

Ooooooh, things are happening:

I'm barely able to build from source as it is. How do I start building against the stable 17.01?

I think I figured it out, didn't work on my first attempt as I didn't run a 'git pull' in awhile:

git checkout lede-17.01

If you are following the documentation from wiki and is still having trouble, bring it up to the Documentation thread so they can get feedback about documentation

Yes, I think I will as my solution didn't appear to work.