Bpi-wifi6 git repo

I got over-enthusiastic and got a bpi-wifi6 router board "with Triductor TR6560 + TR5220 wifi SOC" per their marketing.

There was a forum post about this, but appears to have been deleted or made private: https://forum.openwrt.org/t/banana-pi-bpi-wifi6-router-with-triductor-tr6560-tr5220-wifi-soc/169224

One of the takeaways from that post was that it was unlikely that this would be supported due to the lack of source code. However, it now appears BPI has posted some source at https://github.com/BPI-SINOVOIP/THG6500-TAX2-OPENWRT-BSP but I don't know enough to tell if this is enough to get this included into the main OpenWRT source tree.

I'm just curious to know so that I might be able to use this as a router in the future, past the expiration of the existing binary firmware they provide.


Unfortunately unless they (bpi) submit thos patches to the linux kernel project (very unlikely) there will never be official openwrt support

Ah, right. I forgot they have to upstream the changes themselves. Thank you.

Perhaps I'll open an issue on their git to ask for that.

Well, 'someone' will have to do the upstreaming, not necessarily Sinovoip - but naturally they'd be in the prime position to do so (as they should have access to hardware documentation and Triductor, as well as the motivation to sell their stuff). While third parties 'could' be take over that work, they'd usually face a lot more obstacles - and I'm not very optimistic that anyone would line up to volunteer doing that work (months+ of man-hours).

Realistically, chances of this device (and the SOC it builds upon) getting supported remain non-existent to minimal.

It would be nice if more people made this request in their git: https://github.com/BPI-SINOVOIP/THG6500-TAX2-OPENWRT-BSP/issues/1

I don't know if it's on purpose or just a bad phase, but 99% of routers sold in my country (Brazil) don't support openwrt.

Banana-Pi make cool, flashy hardware, but support is almost non-existent.

Let's wait...

In this issue you can see the huge limitations of the WiFi Driver (which is closed source).

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Why is it different from devices from other vendors like Xiaomi ? Why do people invest time hacking their devices and adapting firmware ?

in the case of Xiaomi, and all other vendors supported here, the hw support is already in the Linux kernel.

adapting <> adding hw support.

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Did you mean hw drivers? Does it specifically relate to TR6560/TR5220 or to any Triductor's SoC ?

it relates to any kind of hw support.