BPI-BE14 WIFI7 NIC module with BPI-R4

BPI-BE14 WIFI 7 NIC is coming~ with #MediaTek #MT7995AV , support latest #WiFi7 and IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax/be standards. on the 2.4GHz&5GHz&6GHz bands,BPI-#BE14 delivers exceptional performance and stable connectivity.

The optimized Wi-Fi baseband algorithms provide superb performance. The intelligent MAC design deploys a highly efficient offload engine and hardware data processing accelerators, which fully offload Wi-Fi task of the host processor. The MT7995AV is designed to support standard-based features in the areas of security, quality of service, and international regulations, giving end users the greatest performance at any time and in any circumstances.



Super! I'll take three of them !

Is MT7995 a variation of MT7996? Is it supported by the mt7996e driver?

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How is the support for Wifi 7 in OpenWrt currently?

I have a Synology RT2600ac and eventually plan to switch to something with OpenWrt, mainly because of its open-source nature and the possibilities with packages (especially related to ad-blocking), but I would like to do it directly to Wifi 7.

As for now, I am not in a hurry, but I liked what I saw with the BPI-R4 and I see that the module for Wifi 7 is finally about to be released, but I would like to read your opinions.

Thank you for the real world power measurements on different scenarios on r4 with wifi, sfp, etc... Most of the time this is not shown anywhere with other routers!

Looking forward to the release! I've been testing the BPI-R4 and I've been very happy with it even on the snapshot builds, I'm just glad I've been able to find a good low power replacement for a 10gbe x86 build and being able to run wifi7 on it as well is a huge bonus.