Both squashfs & ext4 builds of 21.02.1 are broken on RaidSonic IB-NAS4220-B

Just as the subject says, that is my belief... but I have documented why in the below bug... (see the comments section for when it talks about ext4)...

Can anyone share any thoughts on this, either here or in the bug itself?

If the ruling is that this device needs to be dropped from being supported... then that's fine - but it'd better than it staying in limbo where the OpenWRT build process is clearly still building files for that device which don't actually work.


I would be happy to have a fully working release too.
I have been using the smartsmurf release available at
This one works kind of well but is getting old, packages are not maintained. Only 1 usb port works....
Official 19.07 would boot ok but had a eth driver issue causing slowness while copying files.
21.02 does not boot because of the flash layout issue, like it was reported.
While very old, the device is still usable to stream audio and video across the network. I get 10MB/s on each drive which is enough for media playback.

A squashfs image would make an ext4 one pretty useless to me, I am not sure why anybody would want to use a ext4 one.