Booting an initramfs image

I'd like to test an OpenWrt 19.07.0-rc2 image I've built for the GL.iNet GL-MV1000. I'd like to test it without potentially bricking the device by booting the initramfs image. So noob question, how do I do this? Can I upload it using the uboot web UI? If so will it then reboot to my image (in RAM) - and then after the next reboot go back to flash?


I'm just trying to get you some pointers, as I've not done that myself. Here is my understanding:

First, you need to have serial access to the device and a TFTP server running somewhere offering your initramfs image. Then:

  • Break U-Boot using serial console
  • Set the TFTP server IP: setenv serverip
  • Set your own device IP: setenv ipaddr
  • Load the kernel in memory: tftpboot YourKernelName.bin
  • Boot the loaded kernel from memory: bootm

Hope that helps you until someone with more experience on the subject chimes in.

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