Boot openwrt from flash drive on turris omnia

I have a turris omnia router that has a dead EMMC chip, turris support recommended to me that i boot from Msata or a flash drive, I have booted their turris os from a flash drive successfully by following this guide

i just ommitted the first step(didn't make a backup since i don't have a running system to backup) and instead used omnia-medkit-latest.tar.gz as the backup, this works fine and i can boot without a problem but now i want to boot upstream openwrt from flash drive how can i do that?

The openwrt-medkit only contains a kernel and a dtb file and doesn't contain a rootfs

is it x86 ?

No it's not, it has an ARMv7 CPU Marvell Armada 385

The wiki only details how to install to EMMC, unfortunately my EMMC is dead and i have to boot from a flash drive

have you read it?

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since it's using a recent uboot, you can probably change the boot order, or remove the emmc bootability all together.

Damn you are right, the solution was at the end of the page under bootloader mods.


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