Boot from Argon ONE M.2 Expansion Board

I'm attempting to boot openWRT from the sata SSD installed on an Argon ONE M.2 Expansion Board.

I flashed the image to the drive using balena etcher on my laptop connected to the board via usb. This seems to have worked, as when I connect the board to it's case, boot the pi via the SD card, and cd into /mnt/sda2, I can see the partition contains openWRT.

The pi just won't boot with no SD card inserted, it doesn't seem to see the drive.

Has anyone tried this?

I can imagine you need to do something like this 1st

Note, the RPi openwrt image might contain an unwanted boot loader.

I tried following the steps in the link to switch the boot order, but that didn't work unfortunately. Is there a way to copy everything on an SD card over to the SSD and change boot order via command line in openwrt?

depends on how it's done.

does it work with the stock OS, are you able to boot it off the M.2 ?

No still not able to boot from the M.2, could it be the image itself? I was able to change the boot order to try usb, but nothing booted.

I'd start by trying to get it to work with the stock OS, then attempt to replace it with openwrt.

I personally have installed network boot "bootloader" using this method

after installing the bootloader, I simply removed the SD and booted from the SSD.

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You used this to boot openWRT?

You have to update the Pi4 EEPROM bootloader to one that allows USB booting, and configure a boot order that includes USB. It has to be a Pi 4. Raspberry Pi 3 and previous do not have this function.

Then I'd try booting OpenWrt from a simple USB flashdrive. If that works, the Argon device should be software equivalent.

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I used it to boot off the SSD (even though this was network bootloader) and used Homeasssitant.

You just need to use either USB boot or Network boot bootloader (this one includes USB). I personally didn't change any boot order for USB boot to work.

Just follow the instructions here and instead of SD card use OpenWrt image specific to your raspberry pi.

Or you can even use to flash the SSD and boot off it.

Edit: to Summarize.

  1. Update your bootloader to either Network(it includes USB boot) or USB.
  2. Flash OpenWrt onto the SSD and boot.
  3. Enjoy OpenWrt Goodness.

I found the solution, all I had to do was flash the SSD via USB on my PC, then change the commandline.txt file to point to sda2 instead of the SD card.

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