Boot-config: dtb graphical editor for OrangePi-Zero and OrangePi-R1

boot-config: dtb graphical editor for changing /boot options from the OpenWrt installation media, for OrangePi-Zero and OrangePi-R1.

Located here. в boot-config.

Sorry, in Russian.
I don’t know English, but Google’s online translator is distorting.
Translate yourself, maybe the quality will be higher.

For images from, you can enable/disable:
usb0-1-2-3, uart0-1-2, spi0 and also wifi-xradio or wifi-8189es.

If you fix the source code, then “boot-config” will become similar to dtb-overlay from armbian:

  1. Soc-i2c requires sunxi-i2c, which will also load i2c-mv64xxx.
    i2c-gpio-custom is not needed at all ..
  2. GPIO-based 1-wire device. w1-gpio-custom is not needed at all ..
  3. Analog-audio-codec: requires sound-core, sound-soc-sun4i-codec, sound-soc-sun8i-codec-analog.
  4. Soc-irc: requires sunxi-ir, which also loads dependencies.
  5. Soc-pwm0: requires pwm-sun4i.
  6. gpio-keys-user: requires input-gpio-keys.
  7. rotary-encoder: requires rotary_encoder, which also loads dependencies.
  8. pps-gpio: requires pps-tools, pps, pps-gpio, chrony, gpsd, gpsd-clients.
  9. Spdif: Sound-soc-sun4i-spdif required. But I don't know if spdif works or not?
  10. wifi-xradio or wifi-8189es.

Many of these packages are not available in openwrt.
And they will be available in the "make menuconfig" only after editing the source code (using the patch).

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