Blocking public IP addresses

Hello I want to block a list of public ip addresses that I have. Will ipset accomplish this and how do I go about doing it. Do I have to leave a comma or space between each address.

Yes, one IP per line.

If you don't want to do it manually, use the banip package.


Thanks much

In banip how do I block the IP addresses. I tried that first and it didn't work so that's really why I asked this question about ipset. It's like alot of ips I need to block. I'm not so technical with openwrt so which app will be the easiest for me banip or ipset

you point to a list of IPs.

"it didn't work" won't get you far...

browser, using the banip luci package ?

unless your list isn't public (you can always make it public though), then it gets trickier.

In ban IP does the IPS have to be the same 1 per line..and I have to put it in the edit block list?...and what else do I have to do is it just that and enable banip...I want to block everything from these ips including ping

are you asking the same question you already received the answer for, 7hrs ago ?

banIP says

Sorry for asking again just wanted to be sure..I thought it was a different method to placing ipS from the ipset..thanks again

I don't think it's working is there anything else I have to enable or do..please I'm not so tech savvy with this

Ok I clicked reload and it's says enabled now going to test it out

Is it looking good here